Basic Terms Used By Casino Affiliates

Basic Terms Used By Casino Affiliates

The terms used by casino affiliates can be confusing to start with. To add to the confusion, in addition to the acronyms, there is no uniformity with some of the casino affiliate terminology. A certain term might mean different at different programs. To minimize the confusion, and understand the casino affiliate lingo better, let’s begin with the explanation of a few things.

Cost Per Acquisition

Cost Per Acquisition or CPA means that the program is paid a set amount for every player that one refers. This amount can vary depending on the casino and the number of referrals. Payments can be in the range $10 to $150.

Cost Per Lead or CPL is the payment one gets for referring a person, who then completes something like an email form or downloads the software. This method is rare nowadays.

Cost Per Click

Another of casino affiliate terms, Cost Per Click or CPC is fairly self-explanatory. Here, one is paid for every click that a visitor makes on a referral link to their site. During the early days of the internet, Clicks were worth a dollar. But today, they are down to 1 to 25 cents. But they were great for the high traffic sites

Gross Percentage Of Deposits

Gross Percentage Of Deposits is the holy grail of deals if you can get it. Make sure you understand this casino affiliate terminology, which means a percentage of the deposits made by a player. It is not dependent on whether they win or lose. But often it is only the opening deposit made by the player rather than all deposits.

Net Percentage Of Casino

Net Percentage Of Casino or NET is the most common of terms used by casino affiliates. But it is the most confusing too! The reason is that of the variation in how it is to be calculated. In a nutshell, one receives a percentage of the amount the casino wins or the. amount a player loses. Therefore, as long as the player keeps making deposits and losing, one will keep getting their percentage.

Understanding the casino affiliate terminology explained in this article, will help you expand your knowledge of casino affiliates and their functioning.

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