BlackJack Online

BlackJack Online

Black Jack is among the most popular and appreciated casino games. The simplicity of its regulation combined with the possibility of developing strategic tactics to win makes it particularly attractive for each player class. In fact, Black Jack has a substantial number of fans all over the world and is among the most successful games in online casinos.
To play online at Black Jack you need to have a good Internet connection, a valid e-mail address for any contacts from the casino operators, the choice of the deposit system to make and receive payments and, above all, the knowledge of the rules game and some small strategy to win.

Black Jack – Glossary

Knowing the typical terms is very important in the game of Black Jack. For example, simply drawing a card is called “Hit”, while staying with those already in your hand is called “Stand”. “Unpack” is one of the most famous expressions of Black Jack and indicates the exceeding of the score of 21, which involves the exit from the game (eventuality in which both the bank and the players can incur). Other expressions typical of Black Jack mainly concern types of play: the “Split hand” consists of doubling one’s hand into two distinct ones and continuing to play by betting separately in both; the “Double down” is to double your bet after viewing the assigned cards (after executing this move you can draw only another card);

Black Jack – Rules of the game

In Black Jack the aim of the game is to score higher than the bank, achieving a value of less than or equal to 21. Who exceeds the score of 21 “ball”, ie loses and is out of the game. 6 decks of French cards are used to play. In Black Jack the value of the cards is equivalent to that on them depicted, except for the figures that are all 10 and for the Ace, which may be worth 1 or 11 at the discretion of the player (the value to be given to the Ace will obviously depend on total score of the other cards in hand). The payout is certain if you have an Ace and a figure in your hand and then create a pure “Black Jack”: this is the highest combination of cards and is paid with double the post.
To start the players make a minimum bet that constitutes the pot and receive all two cards each. Two cards are also on the counter, but it will be the only one to keep them secret. Once the cards are received, players can add bets to the pot or wait until they have better cards in hand and make new bets later. The bench in the Black Jack is bound to comply with specific rules, such as fishing if the value of his hand is equal to or less than 16, or remain if he has a value equal to or greater than 17. Players can instead draw paper at any time, being obviously careful to do not exceed 21; they can decide to double the mail (Double down), split their hand (Split hand), bet on the possibility of a Black Jack in the hands of the bank (Insurance) or surrender and abandon the game.

Black Jack – Game strategies

Once you are familiar with the basic rules of Black Jack, you can move on to learning the strategies and tricks recommended by the experts. Unlike games like Baccarat, where luck plays a determining role, having a good strategy and a clear vision of the game is essential in Black Jack. The experience, above all, is a great ally and many experienced players create new tactics and personal systems that will keep only for themselves (or reveal their functioning only behind the high compensation).
One of the most famous but also the most complicated methods is “counting cards”. It’s a system that can only use people with an extraordinary memory and an unusual calculation ability, but that is not accepted in casinos (they are not generally tolerated the repeated winnings at Black Jack that break the table). If you want to “count cards” it is, therefore, best to do so with discretion, adopting appropriate strategies widely illustrated in some best-sellers such as “Beat the Bank” (by Throp), or “The Great Player” (by Ken Uston).
Then there are tactics concerning the development of the game and help the player to manage his bets. These systems are used to determine when in the Black Jack it is better to stay or draw paper; when split the bet or double the stake, or help to recognize “tricks” thrown by other players or from the bank.
Finally, for Black Jack there are “progressive” betting systems, which are divided into positive and negative: according to the positive scheme, every time you win a hand you will increase the stake in the next play; the negative system, on the other hand, as can be guessed, works exactly the other way around.

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