How Much Tip Is Enough

How Much Tip Is Enough

Land-based casinos operate efficiently to offer the best gambling experience of your life depending on how hard-working their employed personnel may be. Then again, such employees do not take home as much as winners do. If you are having a good day and you have enough money to share, it would be nice to start at casino workers.

Tips do not have to be two digits and beyond to be well-meaning. For workers who go through the cycle as part of their every day duties, even a $1 dollar tip is worthy of a warm “thank you”. It is far better to tip as many people as you can than pouring out a fortune to just one person, unless that one person brought you the luck that made you win all throughout.

Never seek for a reason to give out a small amount. Every personnel wearing the casino uniform is responsible in making your experience as pleasant as it is. No one deserves your generosity alone. It is a team effort and it would be nice if you can reward them all for doing a good job. However, picking one from each group is good enough. If you do not win $2 million dollars in a night to disburse to every single person you stumble upon, you can just settle for a well-chosen few.

You can tip a parking personnel, a cab driver, a bellboy, a housekeeper, a waiter, and a room servant small amounts that would mean they did their job well. The dealer, however, deserves a bigger amount since they are the ones who carry out the games and spent more time with you. Some players tip dealers generously thinking that they are their lucky charms. For whatever reason, tipping is a good thing for both the giver and the receiver. You can easily brighten up someone’s day with your generosity in the same way that you will feel a lot lighter if you were able to share whatever blessings you received.

Tipping at the casino is an old practice of showing appreciation to the people you came across with on your gambling trip. As with any other forms of giving, tipping is a positive practice that can attract good luck more than anything would. It is also instrumental in making you feel happier at the end of the day besides actually taking home a sum of money as a prize for winning. On top of that, you are also making a difference in someone else’s life — albeit being a stranger to you.

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