Roulette – Introduction

Roulette – Introduction

Roulette is the symbol of the sparkling and magnetic world of gambling. It ‘a unique game of its kind, simple and exciting. At online roulette, you can make multiple types of bets and this makes it a game suitable for both casual players and “high rollers”. You can, in fact, bet on the number (from 0 to 36) on which the ball will stop at the end of its run or only on the color of the same (red or black); to bet on the possibility that it is an even or odd number or belonging to the first, second or third dozen; etc. The variety of options makes Roulette a game that you never get tired of!

Roulette – Rules of the game

The regulation of Roulette it’s very simple. The game table is divided into various spaces (marked with numbers or words) in which the players place their chips according to the type of bet they intend to make. Bets start on the croupier’s indication and may continue even after the Roulette has been put into motion. The bets close with the “rien ne va plus”, sanctioned by the same croupier just before the ball begins to touch the dividers of the numbers on the wheel. Players can place their chips either personally or by handing them over to the croupier who will place them according to the indications received, then repeating the bet aloud to receive the player’s confirmation (to avoid misunderstanding). At Roulette, the players who bet on simple combinations are the first to receive payment of the winnings,

Roulette – The game on the Internet

To play Roulette online you need a good Internet connection, a valid e-mail address for any contacts from the casino operators and choose a payment and deposit system to make and receive payments. The Roulette play online offers fans a plus compared to other games of chance. First of all, it allows you to play even without betting real money. This obviously does not produce any profit but allows the player to practice strategies and develop a good method of play that can then be applied in real bets. The online Roulette also allows you to calmly weigh your bets and receive the amount of any winnings instantly. The feature that makes online roulette particularly attractive is the progressive jackpot offered by many virtual casinos, which can reach really high figures (unthinkable in traditional casinos).

Roulette – Strategies and tips for playing

Roulette is a game based on luck. Nevertheless, green carpet enthusiasts have always tried to develop strategies and tricks to increase the chances of winning. The best-known system is certainly the one created by D’Alembert, based on the progression known as “martingale”. It is a simple method, but it has had a notable diffusion: it consists in starting by focusing on Roulette piece on simple combinations (as odd or even) and in the case of winning, proceed by aiming for one piece less, or, in the case of loss, increasing the bet of a piece. A more recent trick is that of “zero hunting”, one of the simplest and most appreciated online methods. It consists of betting a piece on each hand at the exit of the zero (hoping it will come out as soon as possible!) And aim at two pieces on the first column and two on the second to contain the expenses incurred in betting on zero. At the first launch you can choose any column, but from the second on you will exclude the one that belonged to the number released last. Another interesting strategy is that of the “three colors”, which consists in waiting for the red or the black to come out three times consecutively and then to bet on the opposite color. This system is not very effective in traditional casinos, where Roulette spins driven by mere randomness. In online casinos, on the other hand, the operation of Roulette is based on software and, therefore, goes beyond total randomness and leaves room for a statistical probability that after three identical colors a different one comes out.

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